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India set to be a Global Manufacturing Hub

One of the fastest growing economies with aspirations to become a $5-trillion economy by 2030, India is gearing up to become the most sought-after destination to do business in. Correspondingly, keeping pace with this growth is the Indian cleaning segment, which is taking larger and larger strides in becoming a manufacturing hub for equipment and advanced technologies.

With many of the international players setting up subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in India, the Indian cleaning segment is now moving towards contributing to Indian exports.

In the midst of this journey of transition, Clean India Journal decided to analyse the greater impact of this growth on the vision of the country, treading on Swachh Bharat and heading towards net zero. We deduced five trends that will change the look and feel of facilities at the micro level and the entire country at a macro level.

These include a rise in professionally cleaned facilities, demand for skilled labour & effective cleaning results, availability of made-in-India products and spare parts at affordable costs, high-end technology transfer and exports of cleaning products.

Diving deep into the business models of manufacturers and their channel partners, Mrigank Warrier, Assistant Editor, Clean India Journal, found that the path to growth for the cleaning industry is paved by quality control, bolstered by government support, flanked by collaborations and guided by an approach that for anyone to grow, everyone must grow.

1) Making hay out of Make-in-India

2) Elevate dealers to channel partners for sustainable growth

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