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India’s Cleaning Requirements, International Innovations

Innovations have always remained a major driving factor in creating favourable market dynamics even in the cleaning industry. As the Indian cleaning market takes an upward lean, there is a distinct shift in innovations and trends internationally, targeting the specific needs of this unique growing market. Clean India Journal reports on the changing trends, challenges, innovations and new products in the international market.

The 25th ISSA Interclean show at Amsterdam saw the convergence of 29,325 professionals visiting from about 130 countries and 696 companies exhibiting from across the globe. More than 184 products launched at the Show highlighted the fine points of cleaning requirement and solution in given circumstances.

About 80% of the exhibitors that Clean India Journal interacted with, were either looking at entering/exploring the Indian market or have already assigned distributors in India. Two noticeable factors contributing to international companies looking at this market are firstly, the overall growth in the country leading to rise in cleaning opportunities and secondly, the economic slowdown pushing Western countries to look at alternative growing markets like India, China and Russia.

The Indian market is buoyant with the new government giving priority to cleaning. As the cleaning projects go on stream, the demand for general cleaning products, specific solutions and consumption volumes are definitely going to rise.

But will the Indian cleaning industry be able to meet these requirements with the existing infrastructure and technology? Will the international community scurry to fill the gap? Will India witness technology transfer, increased distributorships, or direct international presence in the coming years?

Having said that, there are apparent challenges restricting the speed of developing trends. One being the price sensitive Indian consumer market. However, there are manufacturers from Germany, Spain and even the UK who have taken up the challenge and are redesigning/customising products to fit the price factor. At the same time, there are manufacturers, from Italy, USA in particular, who are sceptical and cautious of their dealings in India owing to price mismatch.

Another challenge confronting the international community is lack of awareness and knowledge about cleaning technology among the Indian consumers. In the present scenario where cleaning does not figure among the top priorities or is not exclusively budgeted by Indian companies, the inclination to get updated on the latest cleaning technology and invest (rather than spend) on cleaning is limited.

Over and above, under-dealing and under-cutting in mega-projects besides L1-based tendering processes have discouraged international companies in taking up government projects.

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