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Importance of Professional Manual Cleaning

Galileo is specialising in Professional Manual Cleaning Tools…

Galileo Associates has been in the cleaning tools business for more than six years. We have a range of high quality microfibre mops, cotton mops, floor wipers, floor brushes, glass cleaning tools, and other tools for manual cleaning. These are imported and come with an assurance of quality. Professional manual cleaning is the prime requirement for any cleaning operations, especially in institutional cleaning. Our philosophy is “Modern Cleaning Solutions at reasonable rates”.

What is the demand for these cleaning tools?

The demand for the professional range of cleaning tools is increasing to keep pace with the increase in awareness of their benefits amongst institutional cleaning companies and domestic sector as well. People are now realizing that high quality and durable cleaning tools are a better proposition than using sub-standard products as the logistics involved is quite complex. We are seeing a growth rate 20-25% yearly. But, I must admit that the awareness level is still not picking up in the rural areas.

Are the janitors well trained to use sophisticated tools?

Cleaning Contractors mostly have well trained janitors who are able to understand the proper technique and usage methodology after basic training. A common mistake janitors make is utilizing the Dry Mop Refill for wet applications.

Do the end users understand the proper usage of the tools?

In our case, the end user is a cleaning contractor or a direct consumer who knows what he wants. The problem is with the property owner who does not understand the technology of cleaning and starts to interfere in the cleaning operations. Cleaning has become a science with specific products for specific applications and the cleaning contractors are usually well versed in their art of cleaning to know what would suit their requirements. When they face any problems, we are there to support them. It is best to leave the job to the Professionals.

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