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[box type=”shadow” ]A cleaning professional spends more time and effort in deciding which cleaning machine to buy rather than which chemical to use. The choice of right chemicals for surface cleaning is as important as choosing a right candidate for the right job![/box]

Generally speaking, purchase of chemicals is determined by many factors pertaining to the character of the surface has to be used on. These factors could include surface porosity and strength, frequency of cleaning, PPE used, air handling, cleaning efficiency, water wastage and financial viability among many others.

The supplier plays an equally important role in the purchase. The assurance provided by the vendor based on research and commitment that the said product will not harm the surface or affect the janitor using the chemical or the environment should be given the highest priority. In most cases, surface damage or harm to the janitorial staff comparatively turns out to be a much costlier than saving a few rupees on the purchase of the wrong chemical.

The quality & standards maintained by the manufacturer is also equally important. A product is only as good as its process. The best of products can be unintentionally dangerous with bad practices and processes. Especially in India, where the working staff need to be repeatedly trained in the right use of chemicals and processes, to avoid facing adverse results.

Consistency & reliability is a result of maintaining stringent quality standards and high rates of product testing. Professionals ensure all batches are tested in process, before packing, and regularly until expiry to ensure good performance.

The effectiveness of a chemical is in fact the toughest to validate in most cases. Results may appear the same prima facie after using specially formulated solutions, crude alternatives or in some cases even water. However, the deeper impact of disinfection and surface protection go unnoticed. The effectiveness of any chemical could be improved and it is the responsibility of every manufacturer to improve and deliver a better experience every time.

Even though there are multi-use chemicals available in the market. Not all solutions are suitable for all purposes. The capability to understand the Indian conditions and requirements better and to give unique and specifically formulated solutions makes a good supplier.

At Megamorph, the field team helps customers pick the right solutions out of the vast array of products to suit the surface and application. This team also works closely with the R&D to develop new chemicals for new opportunities that they identify in the market.

All CareClean products are tested safe for it intended use. It is this commitment that has won Megamorph India’s first “Green Company” certification by DQS India for manufacturing of cleaning solution. It has also been awarded ISO 9001:2008 by UL & ANAB for impeccable processes.

Megamorph’s products like CareClean’s TSR (Tile Scale Remover) restrooms & fittings with regular descaling & cleaning. The unique formula is safe for use on most surfaces in the restroom. The Heavy Duty Floor Cleaner has made a difference in the worst industrial conditions where grease and grime accumulate as part of the manufacturing process.

Ashwin Suresh
MD-Megamorph Marketing Pvt.Ltd

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