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If it’s not touchless, it’s not hygiene

How did a young group of motivated individuals conceive of, develop and nurture a hygiene startup, which in just six years, has become a one-stop shop for exclusively touchless hygiene products? Ruchit Desai, Partner, Purec Hygiene bares his heart so that we can understand the ups and downs, challenges and triumphs of being a 100% make-in-India hygiene startup.

Please explain Purec’s focus on strictly touchless hygiene. Financially and logistically, is India ready for it?

Zero interaction in the restroom is a principle that Purec Hygiene firmly supports.

Each item in our product line, including automatic toilet seat cover and sensor-based faucets and vending pad machines relies entirely on touchless operation and sensor triggering. We want to provide a clean, transmission-free restroom experience for all of our clients. Our devices eliminate the chance of touch in all situations, including using the restroom, washing and drying your hands, and even taking a sanitary pad.

Our six years of research, development and use of a homegrown manufacturing facility have allowed us to make our goods economically viable, given the cost of an average restroom at the moment. To implement this in all public restrooms across the nation, though, would need a lengthy logistical effort, which is currently our top most priority.

Ruchit Desai, Partner, Purec Hygiene

Our six years of research, development and use of a homegrown manufacturing facility have allowed us to make our goods economically viable, given the cost of an average restroom at the moment.Ruchit Desai

How do you envision yourself as a one-stop shop for hygiene and cleaning?

Wishes come true when you dream big. We initially produced one product, the Automatic Toilet Seat Cover, but as of now, we have roughly 7 highly advanced restroom products with variations.

Back then, we were still developing but today, we stand tall, with a desire to house the most cutting-edge hygiene items under one roof, serving as a one-stop shop for all of your touchless hygienic requirements. Some of our products are one of a kind, manufactured only by Purec and traded by many; that’s the power of our ideas. We hope to achieve recognition as a brand that serves high tech restroom solutions.

The automated toilet seat cover is your star product. How has it been received by the market?

The early stages of comprehending the idea of the toilet seat cover were not the most advanced. We eventually gained our reputation by using various marketing strategies and letting people try it out for free. We were immediately contacted to get our seat installed after the end users had been persuaded; that’s when the team took a breath of happiness as the product was being appreciated and noticed at higher levels.

Purec has distinguished itself by manufacturing hygiene products in India. What challenges do you face and how do you overcome them?

If difficulties and hardships are not encountered along the way, success is not enjoyable. At various levels of manufacturing, we had our share of setbacks. We called a number of meetings with teams to discuss and find solutions to problems that arose throughout the manufacturing process. Soon enough, we successfully overcame obstacles, thanks to persistent research and a strong desire to succeed.

What are your target customer segments for each of your product categories?

Purec is a home filled with innovative and cutting-edge hygienic products. We provide services to anyone who wants to experience a clean, hygienic restroom. Although our team’s primary focus is on B2B industries where end users are exposed to our products frequently, we are delighted to assist anyone looking for a touchless hygienic washroom.

How has customer feedback influenced your products and services?

Sincerely, our clients and customers have assisted us in coming up with innovative ideas for each product. Who else except the end users themselves can offer us an honest review? Our team received complaints and numerous emails and calls of thanks, too. While we enjoyed the appreciative feedback, we knew we had to deal with the complaints and inquiries too.

Our complaints are always compiled, and the resulting suggestions are then integrated into our products. One feedback we received helped us eliminate the need for a technical person to routinely change the battery. We modified the automatic toilet seat cover to allow for direct charging.

How would you demonstrate your growth as a company, from inception until the present?

As I said, back then we were undeveloped and raw, but as we developed, the team welcomed seasoned personnel who assisted us in realising our goals. Like any other business, there were ups and downs, but the core team never gave up and kept working on the product. We gradually increased the number of hygiene troops in the cities we served, and we were soon joined by an army that helped us widen our objectives and gain fresh insight into the hygiene-related problems those cities faced.

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