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Bruno Ferrarese and Bruno Gazzignato, founders of four leading companies of special washers and plants dealing with the pressure water market have merged their companies to form the Idrobase Group. “The new market dynamics make business recapitalization indispensable and increase our strike force. One of the main benefits of this choice is the resulting reduction of structure and management costs, synergies between the two companies are extended and they provide to companies, under the same name, a service and an integrated product,” explained Bruno Gazzignato.

Idrobase continues to stay on the professional washers market, as well as Club dei Riparatori as supplier of components to repair any type of washer, Idrotech for cooling plants, and Perfect Cool for the marketing of fogging systems. The group will close 2011 with a turnover of around 8 million euros of which 79% is distributed in 82 countries with special reference to Russia, Canada, Australia, Poland, Argentina and Mexico.

“In Borgoricco headquarters today we employ 38 people, but the ambition is to double the number of employees within the space of five years by doubling equally our turnover,” Bruno Ferrarese added.

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