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Idrobase Group export sales higher in 2013

Italian manufacturer Idrobase Group closed 2013, 10% up on 2012 – surpassing €10 million in sales volume and continuing what has been a long-term upward trend.

“The substantial stability of our supply to the Italian market, which comprises 25% of sales, is a sign of encouragement,” said Tommaso Gazzignato. “But it’s our export sales – 22% of which are to EU countries and the remaining 53% that are to outside the EU – that once again gives the most satisfaction.”

Positive results have been also registered, amongst others, in the UAE, Australia, Mexico and Japan, as well as France and UK with its products such as Elefante (industrial systems) by Idrotech, designed for dust control, Dolly Spare Parts by Club dei Riparatori for the repair of any pressure washer, outdoor cooling systems by Perfect Cool – and, as for Idrobase, hot water professional pressure washers (in particular Stella).

Idrobase plans to expand Borgoricco premises this year, adding new production and logistics areas to develop new lines of products. “The aim for 2014 is to establish €11.2 million Euros in sales volume, with an overall increase of 40% by the year 2016,” reveal Tommaso.

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