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Hygiena – ATP Monitoring Systems

For monitoring cleaning operations

Hospitality companies are more vulnerable to guests leaving germs and bacteria behind. Since the pandemic started, it is critical to know that your cleaning procedures are working. One way to achieve this is by measuring surface ATP (adenosine triphosphate), an indicator of how clean a surface is at the microbiological level. Trusted for decades, Hygiena™ ATP monitoring systems help organisations achieve optimal, standardised cleaning levels, using bioluminescent detection of ATP.

Hygiena’s most advanced ATP monitoring system, EnSURE™ Touch, measures ATP levels, providing rapid and accurate sanitation verification data. Its ATP testing devices, including UltraSnap™, are fully compatible with the system. The test devices are user-friendly, designed to maximize sample collection and recovery. After swabbing a surface, the system rapidly measures ATP levels from the device, providing a numerical value, indicating the level of cleanliness. UltraSnap devices are the low-cost option for accurate, repeatable testing, meaning you can be confident in the data gathered and the cleanliness of each location.

Similar to a smartphone and using wireless technology, EnSURE Touch syncs and stores all data in our cloud-based software, SureTrend™ Cloud, allowing you to monitor, track, and trend testing results across multiple locations and schedule reports, making risk management easier than ever.

EnSURE™ Touch can help you:

  • Verify sanitation in as little as 10 seconds
  • Test and compare the effectiveness of sanitation products and procedures
  • Train and monitor sanitation crew/employees
  • Objectively prove cleaning standards have been met
  • Quickly identify areas that need further cleaning or close monitoring
  • Provide on-the-spot training and feedback
  • Easily onboard users– simple to use, no detailed training required


  • EnSURE Touch: Small, lightweight, handheld instrument (7” x 3” x 1”), 2GB of storage
  • UltraSnap ATP Surface Test Swabs, box of 100
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