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Hygen Clean Water System from Rubbermaid

Rubbermaid recently demonstrated the attributes of its new Hygen Clean Water System at the CMS show in Berlin. The Hygen system consists of a filter bucket & wringer and eight specially engineered double-sided microfibre mops. It is designed to improve productivity and reduce water consumption and chemical usage. The system, launched in Geneva in June has just won an ISSA/Interclean Innovation Award.

It is ideal for offices and institutional buildings, hotels, restaurants and catering outlets, retail premises, healthcare sites and other locations. The integrated filter generates cleaner water, thus improving productivity and reducing chemical/water waste and built-in agitators remove 25% more dirt than a normal mopping system will. The twin roller design improves wringing efficiency and there are four adjustable settings so that optimum mop dampness can be achieved. It is quick and simple to attach & detach to mops, the back-flushable filter is easy to use and there is a floor drain for easy and fast emptying. The system comes with eight double-sided mops for a wide variety of floor types and cleaning tasks and the double-sided design covers 45sqm with one wring. The mops offer brilliant cost-in-use benefits as they can be laundered up to 1000 times without loss of performance.

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