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Hydroblast 2OO H is a diesel-fired hot water high pressure machine will deliver superior performance that is required for industrial, automobile, food industry and institutional applications.


• Offers maximum temperature of 140°C and pressure of 200 bar
• ACDS: Advanced Control with Delayed Stop
• Triplex plunger pump with three ceramic pistons and brass head
• 1450 rpm motor, motor/pump coupling protection with special lubricant retention system
• High pressure valve regulation, allowing steam production
• High pressure detergent injection system
• Water filter, accessible for inspection from the outside of the machine
• Pre-ventilation boiler
• Automatic shutdown if idle for more than 20 min
• Two rigid rear wheels and two front swivel casters with brakes
• Hour counter device with service alert warning LED

Technical Data

Max. pressure : 200 bar
Max. flow rate : 900
Lph Pump : IP 47
Stop system : ACDS
Pump speed : 1450
rpm Power : 7.2
Kw Voltage : 400-3-50V-ph-Hz
Max. temperature : 140 °C
Fuel tank : 35 lt
Detergent tank : 3 lt

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