Thursday , 4 June 2020
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Hydraulic Road Sweeper001

Road Construction Industries, Municipality Cleaning Projects, Privet Industry’s Road Cleaning Projects, Highway Cleaning Projects

Technical Data
• Tractor Mounted, operated by hydraulic system
• Total width: 2270mm
• Total working width: 2000mm
• Brush material: Polypropylene special nylon grade
• Center Brush: Dia 600mm, thickness of wire-2mm
• Bucket storage capacity: 200kg
• Side brush: Dis 550Mm with Pp Snd steel wire brush
• Adjustable brush height, can be replaced
• Water Tank: 150lt with six water spray nozzles
• Tough Wheels of dia. 200mm
• Broom Hydraulically Angles 300 in either direction
• Approx. Weight: 600kg

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