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Hyderabad waste management gets massive shot in the arm

Government is prioritising investment in building capacity

Gearing up for comprehensive waste management policy and decentralised waste management in the city, the government is developing 17 transfer stations, pressing into service additional 650 swachh auto tippers, identifying compact transportation points (CTPs), expanding the capacity of an effluent treatment plant and making 10,000 public washrooms operational.

Each zone will get 25 autos with 4.5 tonnes capacity which will be deployed in commercial stretches. The plant to recycle industrial liquid waste — a zero liquid discharge common effluent treatment plant — can treat 480 kilo litres per day (KLD) of industrial waste, and is being expanded to a million litres per day. 15 CTPs have been set up within two months and an additional 35 CTPs will dot the city. The CTPs will be collection points where the garbage collected from the city is dumped into compactors.

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