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Human-safe peroxide for disinfection across warehouse types

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Dev gupta

Dev Gupta

Dev Gupta, CEO, Sanosil Biotech, answers questions about the multiple applications of Virosil across various types of warehouses.

Drugs and medical equipment are sensitive to chemicals. What will you recommend for a pharma warehouse?

We have found both from our own experience of two decades that the overwhelming majority of SOPs at all major pharma manufacturing and warehousing relies exclusively on bonded hydrogen peroxide/silver formulations for their disinfection and decontamination needs.

Unlike other formulations, the by-product of H2O2 Silver is oxygen and water, which makes this formulation the safest and most effective product choice.

Cleaning of warehouses that store food grains and fresh produce is critical to extend life. How can your solutions help such agro-based warehouses?

Washing with fungicides/chemicals can leave a bad taste, odour and undesirable residual toxicity on the produce which can lead to consumer rejection. Most importing countries impose strict environmental regulations and controls on pesticide residue. Therefore it is imperative for producers to adopt eco-friendly treatment alternatives. Virosil Agro is an eco-friendly, non-toxic alternative to fungicides/chemicals currently used as post-harvest treatments for domestic markets and export trade.

VerosilSurface disinfection is important in e-commerce, which is manpower-heavy. How can your products help this sector?

Surface disinfection has a couple of challenges associated with it. Most important is safety, both of the person performing the disinfection as well as the safety of the people coming in contact with the surface(s) post treatment. Virosil’s eco-friendly chemical profile makes it the optimal choice for treatment, especially when people are coming in contact with the disinfecting agent.

Additionally, Virosil can be used as a 1-stop solution which drives up convenience and when used in conjunction with fogging, it can make the process of wiping down and disinfecting surfaces quick and efficient.

Where else can Virosil be used?

Virosil is also the product of choice for 2 other critical applications:

  1. To treat HVAC systems to address the threat of pathogens that may be trapped within the ducts and filters and keep circulating and infecting individuals who are working/using the space.
  2. CIP (Cleaning in Place) requirements: Often businesses and industries require a disinfection solution that can work seamlessly along with their long term operational and storage requirements. This is most commonly found in the case of large storage and holding tanks when dealing with liquids. Virosil’s formula is safe for human consumption and it has an extremely benign chemical profile for humans while being highly effective against viral and bacterial agents, making it the optimal treatment choice for these applications.
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