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HUL Brings Popular Brands to the Professional Segment with easy-to-use Cleaning Solutions

Hindustan Unilever, one of India’s leading consumer goods companies, has introduced a range of efficient and affordable cleaning chemicals under Unilever Professional business catering to a wide range of industries like Hospitality, Food Service, Healthcare, Offices, Warehouses, Laundromats, Malls, and Retail spaces, Manufacturing units, and more.

In today’s competitive business world, maintaining a clean and healthy environment is more important than ever. Neglecting hygiene jeopardizes employee health and safety and risks losing customers and tarnishing its reputation. Hence, it is imperative to ensure that such spaces are regularly cleaned and sanitized to ensure that the staff and customers are happy, healthy, and productive while leaving a good brand impression on the customers and business partners. Post COVID-19, businesses are taking extra measures to ensure a clean and hygienic environment by implementing best practices.

Cleaning professional spaces involves specific challenges with respect to safety, performance, and hygiene and this might entail high costs. Removing heavy grease and oil deposits from surfaces or cleaning industrial ovens, grills, and fryers can become challenging and sometimes overwhelming due to its cost. To meet these concerns Unilever Professional has formulated a cost-effective and reliable range of oven and grill cleaners, glass and floor cleaners, degreasers and descalers, multi-surface disinfectants, laundry and utensil cleaners, and air fresheners that cater to specific business needs. This range has been curated bearing in mind the cleaning regiment that businesses typically need to follow. They come in two variants, namely concentrated solutions, and ready-to-use. The concentrated solutions allow users to dose as per their requirement, ensuring optimum usage while the ready-to-use formats ensure flexibility of usage based on a scale of operation.

With globally acclaimed brands like Cif, Surf Excel, Domex, Vim, Comfort, and Lifebuoy, sold across 118 countries, Unilever Professional has now enabled businesses to access high-quality cleaning products directly on their own eCommerce platform with quick delivery time. Available in 5liter bulk format, with multi-pack combinations, designed based on usage regiments, now businesses have access to a range of cleaning products that meet all their cleaning needs. One can choose from predefined bundled (multi-brand) packs or make their own by choosing from a range of chemicals from a single brand or suit themselves with chemicals that are segregated by the business type. With some of the chemicals being Green Pro Specified, these ‘Made in India’ chemicals offer high levels of efficacy in their performance.

UnileverProfessional understands that clean and cleaners matter in every business and through its well-known beloved brands, it brings quality and affordable cleaning solutions in the B2B space. The availability of a top-quality and efficient range of cleaning chemicals designed for businesses is a welcome change as it addresses their common concerns of keeping a hygienic and clean environment. The main aim is to provide easy access to efficient and effective cleaning solutions to all.

Carrying forward its vision of becoming the first-choice provider for institutional entities with cleaning chemicals that fulfill hygiene requirements, Unilever Professional is conscientiously contributing to the clarion call of ‘Swachh Bharat’.

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