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HUL backs wastewater management project in Punjab

Will benefit 350 households

The Akhil Bhartiya Gramin Uthan Samiti (ABGUS), a voluntary civil society organization working in various areas of social welfare, and Hindustan Unilever Limited (HUL) have inaugurated a water management project in village Dhingi of block Nabha in Patiala, Punjab. This wastewater management project aims to recycle wastewater and reuse it for irrigation & groundwater recharge along with rainwater harvesting.

The pond of the village was being pumped with domestic wastewater. Keeping the two main objectives of the project in mind, the Seechewal Model of wastewater management was proposed by ABGUS. The project implements a combination of various processes through four-well systems of wastewater treatment for reuse other than human consumption, such as irrigation and gardening. It is a primary treatment used in Seechewal, Punjab which removes heavy solid particles, oil, and remaining material from water. The water wells need to be cleaned regularly; otherwise, they produce very poor effluents with high suspended solids content. To ensure continuous effective operation, the accumulated material must be emptied periodically.

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