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HTC Twister, HTC Floor Systems GmbH, has expanded distributorship in India for its Twister range of products with new partners – Delhi-based Silicon Concepts and Global Excellence. In India, HTC has been distributing Twister through Roots Multiclean Ltd for the last four years. “We see a big market for our machines,” Prashant Singh, Export Area Manager-Asia Pacific, told CIJ at ISSA/Interclean Amsterdam.

“The floors in India are mostly natural stones and the use of chemicals to clean them can damage the surface. Twister, being water-based chemical-free cleaning machine offering floor maintenance and preserving shine at the same time, has a large market potential in Asia,” he added.

The machine can be put to use in any sector including, manufacturing industries especially automobile, hospitals, malls and commercial areas and also by cleaning contractors. With increasing awareness on cleanliness, HTC machines would have wider applications in the years to come. Silicon Concepts is a leading distributor of Dow Corning and Grindwell Norton construction materials.

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