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While planning to clean the whole house it’s always better to begin with ceiling followed by walls, doors, windows, cabinets, furniture, covering utensils and then floors. Ceiling cleaning is done to avoid any dust marks on walls, furniture and floors. Homeowners tend to ignore regular cleaning of ceilings.

  • Eliminate cobwebs with a cobweb brush. The brush should reach every nook and corner of the ceiling in order to eradicate any traces of cobwebs as some cobwebs are not easily seen.
  • Dust the surface of the ceiling using long handled dusters to clean its highest point. Opt for a magnetic type of duster to pick up dust for proper cleaning of the surface.
  • Clean the areas near vents and light fixtures with a vacuum cleaner with a long extension and a soft brush tip. It will stop dust from spreading all through the room.
  • Clean oily ceilings with a damp sweeper which is already treated to clear dust and filth. Take sponge and immerse it into the solution of cleaner and water. Now squeeze the mop and clean the surface to minimise water dripping. Dry the surface of the ceiling to eliminate water spots.
  • For wallpaper ceilings, dip in a sponge mop in a mild solution of dishwashing detergent and water to clean washable ceilings. After squeezing the mop, clean the surface to minimise water dripping and instantly wipe the ceiling dry.
  • Textured ceilings are cleaned with a vacuum cleaner having a long extension and fitted with a soft brush tip. If you apply wet or wipe-down cleaning technique, the texture of ceilings will be affected adversely.


  • Cover furniture, floors and fixtures with cloths, polythene sheets or any other covering material to protect them from droppings
  • Avoid using ladder or stool for cleaning; use long handle device instead
  • Always wash ceilings before washing walls and floors to avoid dirt from falling on clean walls and floors
  • Wear rubber gloves with cuffs for safeguarding your hands while cleaning the ceiling with a liquid cleaner
  • Use goggles or cloth to protect eyes while cleaning the ceiling.
  • Ensure that water or cleaning agent does not drip on the walls.
  • Never rub cobwebs on ceilings or walls while cleaning as it will spoil the finishing, leaving ugly marks on the surface.

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