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Challenges faced with different vehicles while polishing – The challenges while polishing do not vary much with different vehicles but can depend upon how a vehicle is maintained and serviced. The idea of getting a perfect polish involves mainly four steps: –

1. Good Preparation- This involves removing old wax, dirt, sealants and any other contaminants from the surface completely without harming the paint texture of the car.
2. Less the Better- The thought or belief that more wax brings more gloss is a misnomer. Instead, for a perfect finish, apply a thin layer of wax so that it spreads evenly and completely.
3. Maintain a Balance- Applying less wax is important but that does not mean using it only once. After the first coating, allow the wax to dry, wipe the surface with a micro fiber towel and then apply another coating for best results.
4. Tools & Equipment Matter- The buffing machine, especially the pad used for polishing often can become the deciding factor if not properly maintained and used. Check the buffing pad to ensure that it is clean and dirt and solid particles free before using it. Use only micro-fiber towels to clean your car.

Problems during treating the vehicles –

If one wants to avoid facing problems while treating the car, ‘consider it like you handle a lady’- with sensitivity, passion and intelligence. Some of the factors to keep in mind while treating a car are:

a) Start with the interior, while cleaning a car before moving on to the exterior to ensure car’s safety
b) Wash the car using right solutions/ chemicals and right equipment’s
c) Get crystal clear windows
d) A car is never really clean unless the carpets, seats, foot-mats and the ceiling are dirt-free
e) Don’t forget the vinyl, other trims, wheels and tyres
f) Employ the services of a good detailer to maintain your car
g) Even if you believe in ‘Doing-It- Yourself’, get a proper training first, learn the usage of machines, the amount of solutions or chemicals required, the wax that needs to be applied and then get ‘adventurous’ with your car.

Basic Tyre Maintenance –

The most neglected part of the car, if well maintained, the tyre can often, be a true friend in need.

• Maintain periodic but regular tyre rotation to ensure even wear and tear. One can go for five tyre rotation which is advised, straight rotation or cross rotations
• Checking out tyre pressure at regular intervals for multiple benefits
• Checking out the tyre threads and any foreign particles stuck on the tyres regularly is equally important for their longevity. Cleaning them regularly with proper solutions/ chemicals is an effective way of mainlining tyres
• Wheel alignment- Visit the experts whenever you feel the need

Protecting Car’s Interior

(a) Always park in the shade (b) Use a windshield sun protector (c) Wipe dashboard with a microfiber cloth (d) Install seat covers (e)Protect leather seats with a conditioner (f) Vacuum regularly (g) Declare your car a no food, no drink and no smoke zone (h) Keep your glasses crystal clear (i) Use ‘Wipes’ to wipe your car seats

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