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Housekeeping:Microfibre and colour coding cleaning systems

Microfibre is the new age cleaning tool, more effective than any other product for efficient cleaning operations. Microfibre mops can be used for different applications and are an excellent choice to remove dirt and dust from floor and crevices. Some of these microfibers are produced under green manufacturing technology. There are many advantages associated with microfibers as it kills 99.9% bacteria and quickly catches dust and hardly requires any chemical usage. The microfibers are cost effective in the long run and save chemical and labour.

Kibble follows international standard of colour coding system and provides various manual cleaning tools with the system to avoid cross contamination. The system is being easy to use and understand. It allows for segregation of tools for different operational areas. This improves hygiene standards and also generates awareness on the correct applications of cleaning systems.

Kibble Enterprises offers a wide variety of wet, dry and damp mopping system. It has a complete range of different mops keeping in mind the size, colour and type. The mopping range comprises Kentucky cotton & microfibre system, speed microfibre system, velcro microfiber system, dry acrylic & microfibre system and lamellar microfibre system. Tools are provided in different sizes keeping in mind the size of the property and requirement of the client.

Chhavi Vij
Associate Director
Kibble Enterprises

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