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Housekeeping:Changing trends in floor maintenance

Over the years, the process of maintenance has undergone transformation in the way cleaning of floor works. There is a shift towards factors like low cost measures, ease of application, health & safety, user & eco-friendliness, appearance and sustainability.

Basic objective of today’s floor maintenance operations

• Environment conscious cleaning method

• Operations reducing time and labor costs

• Floor cleaning operations providing consistent performances

• Ease for post floor maintenance operation; leaving a clean surface, ready for recoating, without big scratches, so subsequent protective layers look great

• Bring improvement in personnel‘s health & safety.

3M products utilise the Executive Order definition of 13101, which determines that 3M Easy Trap system fulfills their own criteria of “lesser or reduced effect on human health or the environment” compared to other tools already in use.

3MTM Easy Trap Duster System

Using specially developed disposable sheets, the 3MTM Easy Trap Duster System traps and holds six times more dust, dirt, sand and hair than traditional mops and other disposable dusting systems.

• Works on most horizontal surfaces

• Low drag helps reduce worker fatigue

• Works in wet environments

• One duster inventory for most holder sizes

• Works with your current high dusting tools

3MTM Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop System

Changing chemicals and cleaning products is part of the 3MTM Easy Scrub Express Flat Mop System. Interchangeable bottles fit quickly into a lightweight handle to help reduce waste and ensure precise dispensing of solutions to the work site.

• Fast, efficient, lightweight cleaning

• Easy maneuverability helps reduce worker fatigue

• Innovative technologies reduce mop drag up to 10 times less than other traditional flat mop systems

• Operator-controlled dispensing mechanism helps cut chemical waste by as much as 80%

• Can be used in conjunction with all other 3MTM Easy Clean System products to provide exceptional cleaning results

3MTM Easy Shine Applicator System

This system can be used with most conventional floor finishes and cleaning chemicals to get more consistent shine in half the time.

• Reduce labor costs by as much as 70%

• Reduce finish usage by up to 35%

• Easy to apply finish in corners and along baseboards

• Low drag mop delivers smooth, even coats of finish

• Specially designed filling station allows use of most conventional floor finishes and cleaning chemicals

• Eliminates mops and buckets

Debapratim Dinda
Advanced Engineer-
Building & Commercial Services Division
3M India Ltd

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