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Housekeeping:Benefits of Microfibre Mops

The Aluminum Microfibre Dust Mops consist of a lightweight handle with a maneuverable flat rectangular head that attaches the microfibre pad to the mop head using velcro.

Microfibre dust mop picks up and traps dust, dirt, grease, and particles inside the “star-shaped” grooves of the fibre. Each microfibre cloth and mop pad is made up of over two million yards of microfibre for 30 times the cleaning power of an ordinary cleaning cloth or pad. It is specialised in cleaning, as each microfibre strand is smaller than the bacteria it is attracting. It is able to penetrate microscopic particles of dirt and grease on a surface.

Split microfibre possesses numerous wedges instead of the rounded surfaces of ordinary cloth. It sweeps underneath the particles, trapping them inside. In addition, the rounded fibres on most cloths only push the dirt around, whereas the wedge-shaped microfibres grab the particles of dirt and pull the dirt into its dense internal structure. Furthermore, chemicals only become necessary as a disinfectant, as the bonding agent is no longer necessary to keep the dirt on the fibre. As a result, any type of dirt is very quickly and completely removed, leaving a sparkling clean, streak-free surface. It is safe to use on all delicate surfaces and clean without scratching or harming the surface in any way.

Ordinary cleaning mops move or push dirt and dust from one place to another while microfibre actually lifts or scoops the dirt and stores the dirt particles in the towel, until it is washed. It can absorb up to seven times its weight in fluids and are also extremely durable. They can be washed using machines or manually for up to 500 times and still maintain their effectiveness making it an extremely cost effective product.

Cleaning can be simple, environment friendly and time saving. In order to get a clean and shiny floor, there is no need to use chemicals or a vacuum cleaner. Cleaning the floor with a dry microfibre mop saves both time and electricity. The mop can also be used to dust walls and ceilings as well. Microfibre mopping is more efficient, easier and less tiring; it is quieter, faster and less intrusive.

A simple glide of the mop over surface to pick up dust, dirt, pet hairs, etc. is enough to clean the surface. When the microfibre pad becomes filled with dust and particles, it can be peeled from the pad and then shaken to remove loose dirt and particles. It is can be used almost instantly by re-attaching the pad to the base. The Microfibre Dust Pad does not need to be washed after every use – just wash the pad when it becomes very dirty.

If the floor needs to be deep cleaned, the Microfibre Mop Pad needs to be dipped in warm water and the water squeezed out before starting. The mop can be used on all floor surfaces since it leaves a minimum amount of water on the floor, even doorsteps and borders.

Microfibre mopping is an inherently effective mopping technique as it is a strong, lint free synthetic fiber. Each fiber is split during manufacturing, and this split structure makes microfibre effective for mopping:

• The tiny fibers make the fabric very absorbent, so the mop holds sufficient water for cleaning, yet does not drip. As a result, the pad does not need to be replenished and the floor is merely damp and quickly dries after cleaning, rather than being visibly wet.

• The microfibres have a positive charge that attracts dust, which has a negative charge. Dust and dirt particles are not only attracted to the microfibre, but are held tightly and not redistributed around the room.

• Microfibre mops can be laundered in standard washing machines, while loop mops are usually sent out for commercial laundering at higher cost.

• Microfibre mops require less space in the washers and dryers than conventional mops, saving on water, detergent and energy.

Sunil Puri
Partner, Galileo Associates

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