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Housekeeping Chemicals Making the right choice

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Yugesh H Naik, Business Head, Alpha Products, speaks to Clean India Journal about the right use of chemicals on different segments, resources and also the hidden ill-hazards of wrongly used chemicals.


Savings through the right use of chemicals with specific reference to certain target segments, offices, etc.

Housekeeping is a science for a cleaner environment. We have always been asking a simple question to Facility Management Services, housemen, house women etc. Why clean your floor? Many gave their answers, but let us say, it is for appearance. Your floor will look its best when it is clean. No matter how aggressive the texture of your floor is, if it is not cleaned properly, it can present a slip hazard. The lifetime of your floor will depend upon how well you clean it. There are few customers who are brand loyal, some are brand switchers for some, cost matters but, we have seen that, if the cleaning chemistry is explained properly and subsequently, if a demo in a washroom is conducted and results are seen immediately, you are successfully been able to even change the brand loyalty to our Brands calculating the savings they can do at the end of the day.

While in our training programs for hotels, FMS companies etc, we have always asked a question to the end users: “Will a good product create an impact in the market? Everyone said YES, but the answer is NO. It’s the right product that creates impact in the market. When this is done, one can save a lot of time, cost, which will at the end of the day, give a clean fresh washroom. When a right product is used say for example. removing hard water stains from taps, tiles, basins, toilet bowls, urinals our BCS -A1 -Bathroom Cleaner cum Sanitizer does the job due to the presence of organic acids derived from natural resources. Our AMERIND – Multisurface Crème Cleanser also does the same for dry application and gives shine to the fixtures, removes stubborn water marks from toilet bowls practically too. One product says it all and saves the funds for everyone. With my Pharma background, we have taught the real surface chemistry to a lot of FMS, Pharma, hotels, schools, new startups and they are thankful to us. When we give the right solutions with a lot of savings, automatically the customer gets connected to us.

Savings on vital resources like water, air…

Our products are manufactured with eco- friendly, biodegradable raw material and hence the rinsing of the chemicals is quicker with good savings to the usage of water, as compared to using detergents or liquid soap or phenyls.

Hidden hazards of wrong chemicals:

Housekeeping is not just using chemicals. Hands at work are extremely vulnerable to a wide range of hazards which include cuts, blows, chemical attack and extreme temperatures. Understanding the pH scale of every product is very important in cleaning chemistry. Why, when and which chemicals are to be used is to be understood first. Once we educate the end user thoroughly, including their personal safety and hygiene, we feel everyone will do a better job in an extraordinary way. Reading the label on the can, following the MSDS are very essential things, which are not really happening in our country. Never mix acids with bleaches chloramine gas will be released. Use only one chemical at a time. Also avoid using mineral water bottles for chemicals, without the label being removed, fatal accidents have taken place. Use spray bottle with product labels instead. We have always been a guiding force to the FMS, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals about the ill hazards, if the chemicals are not used properly.

Customers have always knocked our door for solutions in housekeeping. We had been called a few months back by a leading star hotel in Pune, where the EHK had already given up the removal of stubborn hard water stains on the glass with running water fall with their existing chemicals. The heavy stains on the glass were actually removed with just a single product of Alpha and that changed her to be our loyal customer with savings in galore.

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