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Hotels Celebrate International housekeeping week

The International Housekeeping Week traditionally celebrated during the second week of September, was observed between September 11 and 17 across the country this year. A glimpse

The International Housekeeping Week being practiced since 1981 enables organisations to honour housekeeping professionals for their efforts and dedication towards maintaining a clean, safe and healthy environment. Be it schools, hospitals, office buildings or hotels, often the efforts of housekeepers go unnoticed or are taken for granted. The International Housekeeping Week gives an opportunity to recognise the contribution of the housekeeping team who make our lives comfortable and safe and on how essential they are and how much they are appreciated. Alongside, the talent of these unsung heroes of housekeeping are showcased during the week.

It is time when many games, challenges and activities are organised, the housekeepers are awarded and the entire week is made memorable with special lunch, gifts and other programmes. The main focus is to present and maintain the cleanliness standard and educate what housekeeping is all about.

Vivanta by Taj-Blue Diamond, Pune, celebrates the Diamonds of Cleanliness during the Housekeeping week. A Housekeeping Associate’s work is often difficult, tiresome and largely unappreciated, yet it is a critical task in any kind of property.

The Associates who help to maintain all indoor environment and the hotel keep us in business were thanked. During the week some team work activities were organised to appreciate and encourage the entire team of diamonds and make them proud that they are associated with the best hospitality chain.

There were activities during the entire week such as cricket match, throw ball game, Antakshri, and dumb charades where Associates participated in large numbers. “The purpose behind the activities was to motivate the team and make them feel special as they are the backbone of any property,” said Roopali Panse, Executive Housekeeper.

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