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The Girbau 6HS series of high speed washer extractors is available in six different models. The 6HS series is free-standing and does not require any type of bolting down, facilitating fast and easy installment. The new washers of the 6 Series include reliable shock absorbers, which allow spin speeds of up to 380G (350G HS-6023) with silence and stability. The washer suspension absorbs up to 95% of vibrations.

The machine capacity ranges between 8 to 10kg and is equipped with GDRIVE control. It also has other control options, including Coin Control for coin-operation services, Logi Control for OPL laundries and industrial laundries, as well as dry cleaners, Logi Pro and inteli Control for those looking for flexibility and ease of use. The 6-Series washers with Intell control, allows up to 12 external dosings (4 in the Coin and Logi Controls). In addition, the dosing time can be adjusted by programing them. Girbau has established operations in Delhi for its India operations.

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