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High-Rise Painting How to find the right Contractor?

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There are many inexperienced, unlicensed and unqualified people as well as companies that mask as professional painters. Taking a few moments while choosing the right painting service providers could save you both money and frustration. When it comes to building painting, many users are so focused on the cost, which can lead them to hire the wrong people, ending up in frustration and a bad experience says Jayanth, Head – Glass Hoppers, India’s Largest Rope Access Brand.


Is High Rise Painting challenging?

Yes. High rise painting projects are challenging for painting companies because of their unique yet demanding requirements. The sheer height of some high-rise painting projects can make them logistically difficult. Unlike maintaining smaller buildings, painting a multistory structure involves numerous obstacles, all of which must be addressed by a painting company that understands the high-rise paint process from start-to-finish. To finish the high painting work, contractors must not only possess the knowledge of painting, but also of scaffolding and other skills not commonly required by single-level commercial painting jobs.

What should one check before hiring a Painting Contractor?

• Painting contractors should possess two types of insurance – one which protects your property from damage by the contractor and other which protects the workers and you while they are working on your property

• They should have good reputation among their clients

• Many painting contractors will use subcontractors instead of hiring employees as it will lower their costs which can translate into low quality of work. It is better to hire a painting contractor whose workers are genuine employees

• You should ask for details about the products that will be used on your project while also making sure that the contractor understands what they are using and why

• They should be able to recommend the best type of paint for the project, taking climate and building material into consideration

• Make sure the company has a system for managing your project. Project management encompasses the planning, execution and follow-up of the service you have purchased

• How a building will be accessed during a project will dramatically affect the costs involved. Companies having a team with the skills in scaffolding, rigging suspended rope access, along with vast knowledge in paints and other materials can complete any work quicker with better cost

How High-Rise Painting is done at Glass Hoppers?

Our goal is to help raise the level of professionalism in the painting industry. We do this through unmatched training and an obsession with finding better ways to do things. No matter what the layout or structure of your high-rise, we can find a way to work with it and access all areas. Our services cater to what naturally makes sense to get the job done. With our many years of experience, we know what to look for.

There are several traits of GH Painting Services that set us apart from the competition including our proven processes to ensure safety and efficiency on all of our projects.

Before we start any high-rise painting project we at Glass Hoppers work on the following things through a clear, detailed Method Statement:

Purpose of the project- The purpose of the project is to outline and describe in detail the procedure to be adopted such as type of paint and recommended surface preparation, in which to ensure our compliance with the safety requirements & procedure and project specifications. We inform all concerned supervisor, workers the value and importance of this activity prior to implementation of any project. Here we understand why the client is painting the building and we help him achieve his purpose.

Scope of the project: The scope covers the quantity of painting works to be done in terms of sqft in buildings/elevations, joineries etc., rectifying existing surface cracks and undulations while preparing the surface. Coats of primer, brand and type of paints for intermediate and top coat, coats of water repellant coatings, masking and post cleaning of the painting area wherever required are all to be considered. The work shall be executed safely through Rope Access Professionals wearing all required PPE for successful completion of works. We spell out things very clearly because this will help us avoid unnecessary differences between us and the customers.

Job Safety Analysis: We completely analyze each and every site’s nook and corner for potential hazards and methods to control them, so that the objectives can be achieved without compromising on the safety and without putting anybody in trouble, ourselves, client and workers.

Budgets with Optimizations: We try to work within the budgets of the customers and bring our best practices to optimize the budget and value additions.

Surface Preparations, Coatings, Quality Assurance & Control:

• Surfaces are to be prepared in accordance with the technical information of the painting products

• The existing surface cracks and undulations shall be corrected while preparing the surface

• Painting must not take place where the surface is moist or greasy and when the surface temperature is less than 3ºC above surrounding air’s dew point, also, when the air relative humidity is higher than 85% and when the temperature is below 5ºC

• Prior to any application, the surface must be stable, firm, dry and free of dust

• Each coat shall be applied uniformly over the entire surface and be painted only with brush

• Any primer coat exposed to excess humidity or rain before drying shall be permitted to dry and the damaged area of primer should be removed to the bare substrate. Dust and loose particle shall be removed by sanding until the surface is dry, sound and cleaned.

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