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High Quality at low temperatures

Burnus Hychem, a leading Germany-based developer and manufacturer of laundry detergents, auxiliary chemicals, industrial cleaning, disinfection and innovative dispensing systems, has developed two new products in the low temperature system range. It has also introduced two new dispensing systems, which enable dosing of multiple products and cater to the needs of small and medium laundries. The products were launched at Texcare 2012 in Frankfurt.

Burnus is in the Middle East market since 2006 and has grown rapidly with its product range and support services of installation, maintenance, regular checks and services towards any contingency. Speaking to Clean India Journal at Texcare, Abderrahim said, “We plan to enter the Indian market and secure a share. We are in discussions with potential distributors and toll-manufacturers for our products in India.”

The Indian market is huge and requires proper planning. “We are hence taking necessary time to study the market and preparing ourselves to take the challenge when we enter India,” he added.

Burnus Hychem has already obtained ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management) and ISO 14001:2009 (Environment Management) certifications. “For more than 40 years, protection of the environment has been considered a responsibility in Germany and the company’s products are of the highest international standards.” All the products are manufactured in Germany and are biodegradable and eco-friendly. They are not harmful when used under normal conditions.

The new, innovative dosing system compact line of Burnus Hychem® relies on a pump for virtually all doses. Quickly, efficiently and economically, it opens new modern laundries performance.

The conventional dosage requires many components and therefore has higher purchase and maintenance costs, a higher default risk and therefore more costly. In the compact line of Burnus Hychem®, pump is always at the centre, which works with a specially designed valve manifold. Hoses, pumps and other units have been reduced to an absolute minimum.

The result

It gives visible cleanliness and ensured hygienic purity with the highest degree of washing performance and a low level of alkalinity. It is an innovative washing system with reduced hazard potential during storage and transport, and suitable for regions with extreme climates. Independent expert opinions confirm its bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal effectiveness according to the strictest guidelines from VAH (DGMH) and RKI.


With the innovative Trisanox liquid process, individual components can be adjusted independently of one another depending on the degree of contamination and hygiene requirements.

Even at 60OCentigrade Trisanox liquid ensures purity and hygiene without the use of peracetic acid. And this also takes care of the environment as well. The process causes no active Oxygen bleach load or borate load and gives only minimal salting. The effectiveness of the cleaning process has been verified – the fibres are treated with care and the cleaning cycles improved.

Hygiene laundry treated with Trisanox liquid conforms to the strict RAL quality certification marks 992/2 and/ or RAL 992/3.

Whether in hospitals, nursing and retirement homes or in the food processing industry – wherever hygiene textiles need to meet strict requirements, the three component system of Trisanox liquid guarantees consistent microbiological quality during processing.

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