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High pressure machines for warehouse/shop floor cleaning

                 CIJ 10/17-1254

For heavy duty continuous operations

Vedh Techno Engineers Pvt Ltd are the sole distributors for Kranzle-Germany for their entire range of floor washing/godown/warehouse/industrial high pressure cleaning machines. The pumps are manufactured in Germany in a state-of-the-art high technology plant.

Kranzle pumps are built up with a special brass head pump with ceramic-coated stainless-steel pistons.The pump unit has inbuilt bypass operation with dry run safety and leakage return system. Operating pressure of the machine can be adjusted as per required      applications. These machines are heavy duty continuous operation types, and can be used for several hours at a stretch.

There are different models for warehouse cleaning/floor cleaning & heavy industrial cleaning applications. Quadro series is more popular for this application.


Model Bully 1000 TST Quadro 800 TST
Flow Range 16 lpm 13 lpm
Pressure 200 Bar 250 Bar





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