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High pressure cleaner with cost-saving features

Suitable for heavy-duty applications

IP Cleaning India’s PW-C45m/C55m is a cold-water high-pressure cleaner combining power and ergonomics.

Designed for the workers’ safety and with respect for the environment, its technology has been studied to reduce water, energy consumption and save labour costs. It is equipped with a foldable handle for compact storage and easy movement. The new design of the structure and the improved ergonomics allow savings in transportation costs.

The new steel structure makes this machine even more robust and particularly suitable for heavy-duty applications in the agriculture, industry and building sectors.

  PW-C45 D1310P4m M PW-C55 D2117P4m T
Operating pressure max. 40-130/4-13 Bar/Mpa 40-210/4-21 Bar/Mpa
Flow rate 300-600 l/h 360-1000 l/h
Inlet water max temp 50°C 50°C
Power supply 1-230-50/ 14.5 Ph-V-Hz/A 3-400-50/12.7 Ph-V-Hz/A
Absorbed power 3kW 6.8kW
Motor pole/rpm 4-1400 4-1400
Remote control DTS DTS
Pump/head/pistons IPC Plunger/brass/ceramic IPC Plunger/brass/ceramic
Detergent tank
Detergent delivery
Dimension (LxWxH) 78x45x100cm 78x45x100cm
Weight 47kg 72kg

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