Tuesday , 7 July 2020
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High pressure car washer uses highpressure water to remove rust, dust, mud, and other dirt from buildings, vehicles and concrete road surfaces, and other objects. It is mainly direct couple with motor or engine that drives a water pump, trigger gun and high-pressure hose. The products have the features of reasonable design, easy operation, long service life and high energy efficiency with competitively-priced.


Unloader Valve by which you can adjust the pressure as per your requirement; Trigger gun with adjustable spray nozzle; Automatic pressure cut off; Strainer; Pressure Gauge; 10m water outlet pressure hose; Dol Starter with 10m electric cable; Rigid Lance; Type-Portable & Fixed Mounting


Model Pressure (Bar) Flow (lpm) RPM Motor
RJ- 120 120 12 1450 3hp
RJ- 150 150 11 1450 5hp


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