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Before Service

The best part about getting a professional drain cleaning company on board is that they are available for you when you need them. They are fully equipped with the right inspection and cleaning tools, with the right technology and the ability to provide “correct” solutions.

Well, it is also equally important that wherever there is a problem, you can call your Drain Doctor. The very moment the drain is unable to stomach any more of what is being pushed down the line or is mumbling & grumbling and threatening to get choked, you know you are in trouble and need to make that call.

This was the case sometime back, when a rather harrowed voice on the other end of the phone called Cannon Drainoscopy – The Drain Doctors for help.


After Service

Be it in food or pharma production units, the drain pipes are unable to escape the constant feed of foreign substances that do not get flushed out and block the drain lines. In both cases, it is a combination of manufacturing waste and foreign substances that settle inside the drain pipes causing severe blockages.

The caller was from a specific plant of a pharmaceutical unit that was facing daily shutdown of different manufacturing areas owing to recurring drain blockage issues. The challenge was huge and being managed by cutting open portions of the SS drain lines and removing sludge either manually or using unprofessional tools. Moreover, the open pipe ends were being sealed with a welding patch. Unaware of where the blockage is, the pipes had been cut open in several places in a futile attempt to unclog them.

The Cannon Drainoscopy service team met the site engineer for a pre-job check. After diagnosing the challenges faced, the team inspected the drain lines using professional tools and methods. There were numerous bends, p traps, right and Y angles and a lot of waste pushed down the drain during the various manufacturing processes through protective filters at the entry points were blocking the pipes.

With all information and pre-operation reports in hand, it was time for a professional drain cleaning.

Our service professionals started the operation with the inspection equipment to locate the areas in the drainage framework to spot the various blockages and then perform the drainoscopy with drain cleaning equipment of different capacities. Most of the blockages were cleared.

Interestingly, a large amount of “foreign substances” and sludge (solid, semi solid, liquid) consisting cleaning cloths, packing materials, pressure gun trigger, washers and connectors, were extracted. These could definitely have not been removed without proper inspection, the right tools and professional drain cleaning equipment in the capable hands of the Drain Doctor.

Following the inspection, cleaning and unblocking, the pipes were largely free flowing again. The inspection reports (jpeg & mpg), taken before and after the operations spread across three weekends, were shared with the client who was more than happy, as the unit did not lose a single working day or faced any shutdowns during the cleaning operation!

It was clear that we were called in at the right time, or else this laborious and time consuming “trial and error method” of clearing blockages in drain lines would have continued, causing both production and revenue losses.

It was also a celebration time as our team had saved money, reversed future shutdowns and resolved a serious problem in the shortest possible time with Drain Doctor.



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