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Haryana introduces pollution rating scales for building sites

Construction sites are to be rated based on their pollution parameters

The Haryana Pollution Control Board has issued a scoring system by which construction sites will be marked.  Sites bigger than 500sqm will be rated for performance on 29 parameters in total and the maximum score will be 220.

According to officials, all sites larger than 500sqm would have to register on the pollution board’s website. Currently, 238 units have enrolled across Haryana.  The sites were expected to install PM2.5 and PM10 sensors and transmit live data to the portal after registering with it.  The move was implemented after complaints of inadequate inspections at construction sites had been contributing to pollution.

‘Sites with a score of less than 100 will be given notices to enhance amenities that will help control pollution around them.  Those who fail to comply with the notices will be fined’ officials say. Among the parameters to investigate the pollution rate will be dust suppression measures, video fencing, installation of anti-smog guns, and other similar equipment.

According to P Raghavendra Rao, Pollution Board Chairperson “This will ensure that sites that can lead to pollution are monitored regularly.  We have been issuing notices to such sites and have also levied environmental compensation.  Closure notices have also been slapped on some companies for not following the norms.”  He added “Sites would be sent repeated reminders on upgrading their infra.  Those with unsatisfactory performance would be issued notices and warned of action.”

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