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Handpads for Hospitality Industry

Soma Specialities Pvt. Ltd introduces KGS Swiflex® CX Handpads, a new range of KGS Diamond Silver Line from KGS Switzerland. The handpads are available in different grits from #400, #500, #1500 and #3000. They are made of a colour coded foam body with a diamond coated surface for grinding, polishing or cleaning.

The Handpads are suitable for hand polishing or cleaning of hard to reach areas such as corners, edges and vertical surfaces where machines cannot reach. The #3000 handpad is ideal for daily cleaning of marble, natural stones, glass, ceramic sanitary ware, stainless steel for removal of incrusted scales of for polishing of the surfaces to bring back the sheen on the surface.

It is extremely easy to use and brings down the cost of cleaning by eliminating expensive chemicals and thereby rendering the cleaning process as ecofriendly without the use of toxic chemicals. The cleaning is very quick and only requires water.

With minimal use of hand pressure, glasses, metal, sanitary, marble and natural stone surfaces can be cleaned of scales and hard to clean dirt settled on the surface. Areas of application could be bathroom walls, bathroom glass, counter tops, plumbings, walls, staircases, skirtings etc. where cleaning or polishing cannot be done with the use of machines. It is ideal for cleaning professionals in hospitality industry such as hotels, hospitals and residential cleaning.


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