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According to different surveys conducted by the International Research Group, Manufacturers’ Association of Information Technology, and others, the quantity of e-waste generated in India ranges between 300,000 and 800,000 tonnes per annum. It is growing very rapidly due to increasing use of electronic devices in personal and business life.

“There is need to eradicate the problem of e-waste from its roots and to save the environment and ecology,” says B.K. Soni. Both the government and the private sector are discussing practicable and affordable solution to address this problem effectively with locally adoptable technologies and clearly defined role of informal sector in the collection mechanism.

Eco Recycling Limited (Ecoreco) is engaged in recycling of electrical and electronic waste (WEEE) in an environment friendly system which include transportation, storage, dismantling, segregation, reuse, safe and secure data destruction, extraction of metals, safe disposal of hazardous substances and also extending technical & commercial knowledge of dealing with e-waste.

The company’s processing facility has a shredding capacity of 7200 tonnes per annum of electrical and electronic scrap, dismantling and segregation, component salvaging, refurbishing, remarketing as well as extraction of precious metals and disposal of hazardous substances. It has collaborated with a recognised refinery and designated hazardous material handling facility. Ecoreco is being jointly promoted by B.K. Soni and Infotrek Syscom Limited. The company is a member of the International Association of Electronic Recyclers (IAER), USA, and has consent from Maharashtra Pollution Control Board for this activity, probably the only unit to claim these credentials.

The mobile shredding unit undertakes on and off site jobs of data destruction by shredding hard disks, CDs, FDs, or any other data device. The facility has an inbuilt system of recording the entire operation data destruction to create record for the client for future reference, audit trail, ISO requirements, etc.

Ecoreco’s Services


Ecoreco has its own fleet of vehicles for collection e-waste. It has tied up with logistic companies for collection across India. Ecoreco has developed a pan India model of collection of e-waste and now short listing right partners across India to begin with. It can collect equipment from one or several location, on the ground floor or from multiple floors, or can tailor a programme to fit individual needs.


Large and small corporate and government enterprises need to regularly upgrade their technology hardware and this constant refreshing of technology creates the ongoing need for viable disposal of old equipment. Ecoreco works with its clients to identify and execute remarketing programmes designed to return the maximum recovery value for technology assets, while ensuring highest level of data security and environmental compliances.

Data Security and Destruction

Ecoreco’s method of destruction with mobile shredder does not leave any scope for data misuse in the remotest possible sense. The methodology is well equipped with necessary tools and techniques. It captures the complete process of destruction of data devices, enlists details of such data devices and shoots film for future record for the clients.


The process is a combination of manual and mechanical dismantling, size reduction, segregation, dust collection as well as sending hazardous waste for final disposal and precious metal bearing components for refining. Entire system is based on the principles of clean environment and zero landfill. Glass and large ferrous frames, casings are being manually dismantled and the rest of the material passes through shredding system. After the process of size reduction gets over, rest of the material gets segregated with the help of magnetic, eddy and cyclonic separation. All toxics and harmful substances to the environment and public health are being removed prior to the recycling process.

The plant has an installed in-feed capacity of 1500 kg/hr of processing of WEEE scrap and is capable of size reduction and separation of different metals. The objective is to undertake low cost high efficiency recycling of WEEE scrap in an environment friendly manner. CRT Monitors are proposed to be separately handled with the help of one of the most advanced plants from Europe. Ecoreco also proposes to use cable shredder and granulator for wires.

For proper packaging and materials movement, Ecoreco has already provided for pallet truck and bar code system and is now implementing ERP software.

Precious Metal Extraction

Ecoreco has entered in to an understanding with a world renowned refinery for extraction of precious metals from components and in this regard, will shortly be approaching the MoEF for approval. It will also shortly take approval from Common Hazardous Waste Collection, Treatment, Storage and Disposal Facilities at Taloja, for safe disposal of hazardous substances recovered during the process of recycling of WEEE.

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