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Handle Bio Waste properly or face closure!

Strict action to be taken by The Bihar State Pollution Control Board on erring healthcare centers

In Bihar, the State Pollution Control Board (BSPCB) has announced that 1,800 healthcare centers have been closed for not complying with bio-medical waste disposal standards. Ashok Kumar Ghosh, the BSPCB’s chairman, stated that these centers have been served with a “proposed closure direction” with a 15-day window to comply.

In the event that these 1800 facilities or centers fail to comply with the standards pertaining to scientific storage, transportation, and treatment of medical waste at Common Bio-medical Waste Treatment Facilities (CBWTFs) in the state within 15 days, the BSPCB will have them closed.  “Ghosh told PTI that in such cases, the board will request that power distribution companies shut off electricity to healthcare facilities.  According to him, Patna has the most erring health care units, followed by Bhojpur, Buxar, Nalanda, Rohtas, and Kaimur.   Despite repeated reminders, the medical centers refused to comply with the board and hence such “harsh step” needed to be implemented, Ghosh says.

In a statement, the chairman of the board mentioned that the district magistrates (DMs) concerned were notified about the notices sent to the offending medical centers.  Scientist Dr Naveen Kumar of the BSPCB believes noncompliance with waste disposal rules could pose serious health risks to both humans and the environment.

As of 2016, all medical establishments in the state were required to follow bio-medical waste management rules. “Ignoring the rules is a serious offence,” Kumar told PTI.  According to the scientist, CBWTF treats biomedical wastes from health care facilities to reduce their negative environmental and health effects.

Throughout the state, the board has repeatedly instructed hospitals, nursing homes, and other medical establishments to send biomedical waste to local CBWTFs in Patna, Muzaffarpur, Bhagalpur, and Gaya.

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