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Hand Hygiene SOP for leading path lab chain

The client, running a chain of pathology laboratories (Covid and non-Covid) in Gujarat met MicroGO® and discussed their need for stringent hand hygiene compliance to be in place, every time their staff interacts with a patient. They required real-time compliance monitoring for their made-to-measure SOP across all locations of their establishment.

SOP design

Grace Pathology Laboratories partnered with the company to create the following SOP. Each personnel involved in blood collection must perform hand hygiene according to the Good Hand Hygiene Practices before and after touching the patient. This SOP is facilitated by using GOassureTM-P LITE version from MicroGO. If the staff wearing the specialized hand hygiene button (for opportunity recognition) skips the SOP or performs an incomplete cycle, the machine alarms the user with a beeping sound to alert him/her along with a red light alert. This brings about both alertness amongst staff and awareness amongst the patients. SOP monitoring inreal-time

Each GOassureTM-P LITE installed at each outlet is IoT enabled. Thus, the compliance percentage at the individual level and at the facility level is monitored by the hygiene manager in real time. If there’s any drop in the target compliance percentage, automated SOS messages are sent to the client team for necessary and immediate action.


The client is extremely satisfied with the SOP and results. This SOP has disciplined the hand hygiene protocols at their facility. The real time monitoring allows them to not depend on internal audits and saves time. The machines can also be upgraded to intermittent interval hand hygiene monitoring SOP at the samples handling area. The client also finds that it enhances the trust-building process of the brand; when their customer sees that hygiene is the client’s top priority, especially in the first line of defence around viruses and other microorganisms.

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