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The XIBU XL senseFLUID from Hagleitner Hygiene International GmbH is a dispenser for professional skin protection and hand hygiene (in accordance with PPE guidelines). The waterproof dispenser can also withstand heavy-duty use and is therefore ideally suited for use in industry and commerce. Products for skin protection, cleaning hands, disinfecting or caring for skin are available if necessary.

 In order to ascertain one’s needs, HAGLEITNER experts work with him/her to draw up a skin protection plan. The plan will define which products to install and how these are to be used. The chosen XIBU XL senseFLUID dispensers can be installed in series.


  • One for all: The whole need for skin protection and hand hygiene is covered.
  • Contact-free
  • Flexible series mounting
  • Super-fast dispensing
  • Waterproof for hassle-free cleaning
  • senseMANAGEMENT ready
  • Never empty thanks to a reserve tank
  • Long lasting refills
  • Quick and easy refill changes
  • Colour coding system: No confusion when refilling
  • Easy battery change
  • Battery or mains operation


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