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Gujarat: Towards Zero-Waste Goal

Under the liquid waste management, pilot projects on PPP model in 50 towns, including eight municipal corporations, are in the process in Phase-I. The scheme emphasizes on a symbiotic relationship between Urban and Rural Areas whereby the recycled water can be used for agricultural and industrial purposes. This conversion of waste into resource would use advanced technology. Planning for 150 ULBs has already been complemented and five developers – LWMP DNP Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd, Doshion Veolia Water Solutions Pvt. Ltd, Oxive Environmental Management Pvt. Ltd, Enviro Control Associates India Pvt Ltd (Surat) and UPL Environment Engineers Pvt. Ltd – have been identified. At present, the wastewater discharged by the 50 towns is to the tune of 340MLD.

Challenges in Waste Management
• Solid waste segregation at source and door to door collection
• Lack of trained manpower and financial resources in local bodies
• Technical and management related issues for local bodies
• Usage of advance technology in solid waste treatment
• Capacity building of ULBs

Some of the challenges identified to be attended to include upgradation of underground drainage network laid down before 20-30 years ago, house to house connections for Sewage Collection, untreated sewage being discharged into nearby water bodies/open land resulting into water pollution, appropriate treatment of sewage, reuse of treated sewage and its quality and capacity building of ULBs for solid and liquid waste management.

In the initial stage, LWMP will concentrate on providing recycling water for industries. Ahmedabad and Surat Municipal Corporations have successfully implemented LWM projects for producing biogas and electricity. These plants are meeting at least 50% electricity requirement of the plant.

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