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Ranbir Singh Goradia, Owner, Nirmal Guest House (NGH), Mumbai, believes that a guest house premise must sparkle and speak of its own beauty.

Paper littering should not be permitted and air freshener sprays always be kept handy to add aroma to the ambience. Sanitary products like bath tissue, soap & paper towels should be made readily available.

“Dirt, grime and garbage, if left to accumulate, can create health hazards and spread diseases. Sufficient trash receptacles should be located in kitchens, staff lounges, break rooms and other locations where food is consumed. Spills on kitchen counters or floors should be mopped up promptly to avoid accidental slip or fall. Refrigerators should be cleaned at least once a week, and stoves/microwaves need to be wiped daily. Stale food, even in a refrigerator, is a health hazard.

“Over and above, all guest houses must clearly mark toxic-allergic-carcinogenic liquids and store them safely in spill-proof containers. Phone numbers of local poison control officials should be visibly pasted on the door of the storage area.”

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