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GSPCB to begin MSW mining at two dumping sites in Panaji from January 2016

GSPCB (Goa State Pollution Control Board) will begin professional garbage screening, segregation and treatment at Sada and Sonsoddo sites in January 2016. The proposal for MSW (Municipal Solid Waste) mining has been presented to the Government and tenders are expected to be floated in December 2015. The Indore-based consultant Eco Pro Environmental Services has surveyed the both location and found suitable for MSW mining, as the garbage is free of contamination at these sites. Eco Pro has also completed characterization of the garbage at these sites, which include moisture, plastic, paper, and metallic impurities.

GSPCB will take care of plastic, paper, cloth and other combustible substances, which will be used as fuel material in factories after treatment. The remaining material would be treated as as bio-fertiliser, while the inert matter may be used for other purposes.

The garbage volume at Sada and Sonsoddo dump yards is approximately 72500 and 96750 cubic metres, respectively. According to an estimate by Eco Pro the process may take two years to complete and 20% of the entire waste may go to landfill. The cost of MSW mining at Sada and Sonsoddo sites would be about ₹6.6 crores and 8.41 crores, respectively. MSW mining provides a more feasible solution in comparison to capping of the waste as it helps retains the land at significantly low expenses than capping.

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