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How well has the Indian Market adapted to TFM?

TFM has been successful for OCS across countries, as it operates on a ‘one-team’ model and enables cross-skilling and multi-functional responsibilities down the service stream. It is certainly an advantage to the customer when all services are put into one basket leading to aggregate spending, optimising delivery model and generating customer savings.

[box type=”shadow” align=”alignleft” ]Heather-SuksemTotal Facilities Management or TFM which goes synonymous with the OCS Group was a relatively new concept for the Indian market when it was introduced a few years back. Heather Suksem, OBE, Regional Chief Executive of OCS Group in South, Southeast Asia and Middle East, chats with Editor-in-Chief Mangala Chandran on innovations, awards, technology and TFM. An excerpt…[/box]

TFM is more than providing bundled services. It’s strategically working with clients, bringing them better value, higher efficiency and more functionality from the budget they have. We deliver great services to thousands of clients across the region. The question here is not so much about the preparedness of the Indian market for TFM, but about preparing clients for TFM. There is a constant awareness programme being delivered to clients and to our own team about the TFM model, which takes care of the non-core activities of the client, giving them complete bandwidth to look into their core business.

Yes, the concept is being accepted in India and we see there is a huge opportunity for us. We are focusing on healthcare, education and manufacturing besides the aviation sectors. The growth is steady with Cannon Hygiene already taking a big lead in the washroom hygiene and feminine hygiene market.

So where is the challenge?

The basic challenges we have here in India, are common to other markets of the world. People and places may be different, but the requirements are the same.

India is the biggest market that we are dealing in but is still not the largest contributor as yet. The size of the Indian market is huge and there is a need for pan-India operations. The ongoing challenge is also in getting enough people and retaining them as there are a lot of opportunities, especially in creating pan-India contracts.

We are moving towards consolidating our verticals through various programmes and using best practice from the group the global Strategic Focus Groups which are groups that share expertise on how to move forward with technology and how to bring best practices on board. In all, they provide solutions in matters related to the market, to the people or to profitability, sustainability and innovation. Five years down the line, we see India to be a major contributor to our group and a bigger market on the OCS map.

Technology is key to TFM success. How is it taking off in India ? 

The TFM model is driven by technology. Through the use of our CAFM technology we can provide real-time, planned and reactive resource and asset management technology in terms of software to manage all services and people, provide topnotch facilities, keep productivity at a high level, ensure compliances, and so on. In order to keep that edge over the market, innovation and technology play a key role.

[box type=”shadow” ]“Smart cities need smart technology. We cannot just have people, as people need technology to be smart, efficient and proficient. Smartly trained personnel with smart technology can provide smart services. ”[/box]

We have the software to manage the work flow, systems and processes. Here again it is not just about educating the clients, it is also about educating our own people. They need to be one with the concept.

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