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Greenlime on hygiene campaign

Pudumjee Hygiene has started a total hygiene outreach programme targeting school kids and corporates. Schoolchildren, easily affected by communicable diseases and infections, are being educated to understand the importance of the usage of hand sanitizers and clean tissues. The Greenlime initiative on the official Facebook and Twitter pages has constant updates advising viewers on how to avoid infection. The updates target mothers, corporates and college going students through product showcases, comic strips as well as contests. Greenlime has relied on humour to get people’s attention when it comes to washroom etiquette. A video portraying a typical office scenario is live on Greenlime’s Facebook page. The campaign is soon expected to steam roll across several educational institutes in India and spread the joy of ‘360 hygiene’ on the internet. Partnering with NIE, the brand will reach out to thousands of students nationally.

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