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“We need to understand that both surface and air cleaning are required to achieve a pollutant free atmosphere; both need to go hand in hand to achieve purity,” says P. Hari Prasad, Director-Vital Hospitality Pvt Ltd.

Technology behind Eco Guard PCO air purifier…

Eco Guard PCO Air Purifier is a 100% green, non-toxic chemical free technology. It utilizes patented technologies that for the first time harness multiple UV light wavelength ranges. The ECO GUARD system is a revolutionary device that generates “superior hydroxyls”, plasma & super oxide ions that eliminate bacteria, virus, mildew, mold, noxious gases, odours and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) suspended particles in indoor environments.

How essential it is to have green indoor air quality disinfectants?

We often use our noses to indicate a lack of cleanliness or danger. Offensive odour is found in many commercial and domestic situations. It can affect the working environment and create a bad impression. In many cases, it breaches regulations and compliance standards. Odours are caused by bacteria in the air and on surfaces. Traditional cleaning methods do not kill the bacteria which can grow from 1 to 17 million in eight hours. Offensive odours can range from slight and annoying to overpowering and dangerous. Every situation is different. With a range of products Eco Guard air purification one can choose odour control solution to meet specific requirements.

According to ASHRAE, acceptable indoor air quality exists where there are no contaminants, odours, or sensory irritants at concentrations that are known to pose a health risk as determined by cognizant authorities, and with which a substantial majority of the people do not express dissatisfaction.

In the last several years, a growing body of scientific evidence has indicated that the air within high density places like offices, exhibition centres, shopping malls, multiplexes and other buildings can be more seriously polluted than the outdoor, even in the largest and most industrialized cities. The American College of Allergies reports that 50% of ailments is aggravated or caused by polluted indoor air.

A traditional IAQ Solution offers:
• A concentrated cleaning agent to be diluted in water or a ready-to-use premixed cleaning solution.
• Fumigation
• Application of Air perfumes which are strong sweet smelling chemicals to mask the odour
• Application of Disinfect-Detergent & Germicides
• Exposure to sunlight for a long duration

Does the above application achieve 100% success? Not really, the microorganism goes through a sudden physical alteration (chromosome change – DNA) in an effort to survive in a life-threatening environment. Sometimes the term is misused when suggesting that germs change and live on. A single germicide product virtually does not have the ability to kill every kind of germ in nature – in one pass.

With EG MP-1800, you have introduced the advanced Photo-catalytic Oxidation technology in India. How does this patented Nano Titanium Dioxide plates help reduce cross-contamination?

Oxidation is a chemical reaction in which an element or ion is increased in positive valence, losing electrons to an oxidizing agent. To oxidize is to change a substance by chemical reaction by combining it with oxygen such as fire or rust. Oxidation processes can be used to kill bacteria, mold, and viruses. They are also routinely used to react with odour causing chemicals VOCs and other inorganic and organic chemicals. The oxidizers created during advanced oxidation processes are much more effective than traditional oxidants at reacting with these types of compounds. By utilizing redundant oxidizers, the speed and efficiency of the oxidation process is greatly increased, in some cases over 40 times. Oxidants considerably stronger than chlorine include Hydroxyl Radicals (OH.), Ozone (O3), Hydro Peroxides, and Super Oxide ions. All of these are either used during or are produced because of Advanced Oxidation Processes.

Generally advanced oxidation processes react with compounds that typically do not react with other common oxidants. An example of one of the oxidizers created by advanced oxidation is the Hydroxyl Radical. OH• is very unstable, thereby making it very aggressive and a free radical. The Hydroxyl or free radical is created when ozone and water react under UV light and photolysis occurs. Although the Hydroxyl Radicals are very short lived, these have a higher oxidation potential than ozone, chlorine, or hydrogen peroxide, and their unstable nature increases the reaction speed. A strong benefit of advanced oxidation is the end products – CO2 and H2O.

Advanced Oxidation with Ozone and UV light:
O3 + H2O → 2OH• + O2

Advanced Oxidation with TiO2 and UV light:
H2O + O2 → OH• + H+ + O2

Principal ofPhoto-catalytic Oxidation

Note: These reactions are complex and do have intermediate steps which also produce hydro-peroxides and super oxide ions.

This exclusive advanced oxidation process utilizes dual wavelength UV elements that are targeted onto a tri metallic catalyst surface.

This surface is coated with a proprietary TiO2 hydrophilic coating. UV energy (254nm) striking the target surface activates production of hydroxyl radicals, super oxide ions, and hydro-peroxides on the cell surface. The hydrophilic surface (absorbs moisture from the air), as well as the water contained in the air itself is what is split into OH radicals in the advanced oxidation process. Our dual wavelength lamp also emits UV energy at 185nm.

The photon energy at this wavelength is sufficient to split oxygen molecules to form ozone gas. These ozone molecules are then reduced back to oxygen by the 254nm UV energy that is also emitted from the UV element (another type of advanced oxidation reaction). The results from this reaction process also produce OH• radicals, super-oxide ions and hydro-peroxides similar to the surface reactions discussed earlier. As you can see, not only is the target surface active, but so is the air space between the target and the UV element. “Cell” not only treats the air with germicidal UV light, it also has the added effect of continuing to treat the air after it leaves the cell. The process is very effective at reducing microbes, as well as odours (something conventional UV system simply cannot do).

Our ECOGUARD mimic Mother Nature’s naturally occurring process for cleaning and purifying our atmosphere. Mother Nature uses hydroxyl molecules & negative ions to cleanse and decontaminate our outdoor environment. However, hydroxyls do not occur indoors, so a solution that mimics Mother Nature by safely generating molecules that naturally “seek and destroy” odor molecules, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, and other chemicals. Hydroxyls actually neutralize odor molecules and gasses by breaking down their chemical bonds. This can be done with even some of the most difficult molecules, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S) and ammonia (NH3).

How do you see the awareness level in the market, regarding air purification and sanitising needs? Are consumers ready to invest when comes to controlling the odour in their large premises?

Water purification, yes they do. But when it comes to Air quality, almost all believe that the air quality they breathe in is good and free form infection causing germs and viruses. Cleaning and sanitary solutions are essential to

• Prevent the spread of disease by removing attractions for fungi, bacteria, molds, mildews cockroaches, insects, rats, viruses… etc
• Reduce the spread of food poisoning bacteria, and
• Maintain a safe stay & working environment free from pollutants & contamination

Clean premises also demonstrate that you are serious about producing high quality environment. Customers are more likely to return to clean, well maintained premises. Clean premises are always appreciated.

But people don’t understand. All these are part of how we are born and brought up, which needs to change.

We need to understand both surface cleaning and air cleaning is required to achieve a pollutant free atmosphere to live in; both need to go hand in hand to achieve purity.

An air purifier is a device which removes contaminants from the air. These devices are commonly used as being beneficial to allergy sufferers and asthmatics, cross contamination, to prevent spread of infection and at reducing or eliminating second-hand tobacco smoke.

We take a lot of pain to educate the customers about this new concept by demonstrating the product & its capabilities. Our product cleans the air as well as the surface to be precise – the source of the contamination.

Which are the sectors that you are catering to?

Eco Guard guarantees to remove offensive odours in any enclosed space – from small bedrooms to large sports halls – Eco Guard fits all the requirements. We do cater to almost all the sectors primarily hotels, resorts, spa & restaurants, hospitals, seafood processing units, shipping (passenger and cargo), commercial properties / malls with centralized air-conditioning, movie halls, convention centres with HVAC, super markets, garbage collection units (closed facilities), education institutions, IT parks and special economic processing zones, airports, isolation wards / units, health clubs, beauty parlours, air-conditioned motor homes, railway a/c coaches, a/c buses, residence & offices, labour camps and laundry facility.

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