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Green Seal Standards for Laundry Products

Green Seal™ has designed a new standard specifically to address the lifecycle impacts of laundry care products for institutional and industrial settings. In addition to minimizing or eliminating the use of many hazardous ingredients often found in these products, the new standard, GS-51, provides an important benchmark in terms of product concentration.

The new Green Seal standard establishes minimum requirements for concentrated (2X) and ultra-concentrated (4X) detergents and fabric softeners. It also focuses on product performance. A framework for performance testing was developed for the standard in cooperation with the laundry care industry.

GS-51 covers more than 20 categories of products for conventional laundry and dry cleaning, including detergents, prewash products, and spot removers; additives such as alkali boosters; and fabric care products such as anti-static treatment, starches, and fabric softeners.


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