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A cleaning professional would appreciate clean and streak-free glass surfaces like the reception table, trophy stand, glass entrance gate, etc. A clean glass surface could affect the way people perceive your business or appreciate the efforts taken to create a pleasant environment.

There are hundreds of glass cleaning products, solutions and sprays that claim to leave widows gleaming and smudge-free – but such products are packed with potentially harmful chemicals that could pollute the air, be it in a corporate building or hotel area, or run into the drains or into the soil in the garden.

There are multiple solutions which organizations could adopt to reduce carbon footprints. Investing in a green glass cleaning product like Buzil Rossari Pvt Ltd’s Planta® View P318 is just one of those things.

Eco-friendly cleaning products eliminate this risk. For use on all windows and glass surfaces in hospitality industry and corporate houses Planta® View P 318 leaves the surface shining and fingerprintfree. It dries fast and has excellent anti-soiling properties with effortless gliding behaviour for squeegee.

Fly marks could be difficult to remove because they contain a mixture of proteins and sugars which when dried adhere strongly. With special formula, this chemical penetrates and loosens the fly droppings to give a clean glass surface following washing.

As for efficacy, the chemical is more than adequate for most institutional glass cleaning needs. As it’s free of harsh ingredients featured in other glass cleaners, it can be safely used on a wide variety of materials, including plastics, fiberglass, and many more.

Planta® View P 318 has a pleasant fragrant formula that can be sprayed directly on the surface for maximum effectiveness. Spray Planta View onto clean cloth/ sponge and apply to all surfaces to be cleaned. Wipe off with a clean, dry and lint-free cloth.queegee.


• Very good cleaning action
• Easy-to-clean-effect
• Excellent anti-soiling properties
• Even and stabile foam
• Excellent gliding behaviour for squeegee
• Dries fast and streak-free
• Environmentally friendly

Product Information

Physical state: LiquidOdour: Characteristic pH-Value (at 20 °C): 6.5 – 6.9Density (at 25 °C): 1.02 g/cm3 Water solubility: Miscible in water


For ecological cleaning of Glass, Windows, Frames, Resopal, Car windows and Plastic surfaces. It is ideal for removing flies’ droppings.

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