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The Gateway Taj-Ummed, Ahmedabad

Green Cleaning
The Gateway Taj-Ummed, Ahmedabad

Green cleaning refers to using cleaning methods and products with environment friendly ingredients designed to preserve human health and environmental quality. “The direction we are taking reflects our commitment to making choices appropriate to our environment and our future. We are confident that these housekeeping and maintenance practices will increase the life of products we use, reduce exposure to chemical and toxic substances, and reduce the overall operations cost,” says Rupali Pol, Executive Housekeeper-The Gateway Taj-Ummed, Ahmedabad. She elaborates here the green initiatives taken by the hotel.

Adding beneficial microorganisms to the Hotel’s Green cleaning arsenal: Along with the development of chemicals and products that are sustainable as well as green, one new area of interest is the use of what are known as bio-cleaners and bio-enzymatic cleaning products. The Gateway Taj-Ummed has hired these beneficial microorganisms to provide continuous degradation of the organic soil buildup in kitchen and guest bathrooms drains that can lead to blockages. This long-lasting cleaning action helps to maintain free-flowing drain lines and reduce organics that can cause malodours. It also helps eliminate breeding grounds (organic scum) for cockroaches and flies. Adding beneficial microorganisms found in nature to the cleaning solutions has enabled the hotel reduce the environmental impact of cleaning. Gradually, it will also help reduce the need for additional drain cleaning, treatment, and maintenance.

SprayingTaking the task of microorganism one step further: We have also engaged a special selected strain of beneficial microorganisms to treat our wastewater. These microorganisms are potent and used for lowering effluent COD (chemical oxygen demand) and removing specific pollutants such as phenols, hydrocarbons, and ammonia from wastewater. They help prevent septic system backup by effectively degrading fat, oil, and grease (FOG), starch, protein, and tissue on an ongoing, long-term basis. They help reduce septic tank odors by continuously breaking down the odour-causing volatile fatty acids and other organic buildup. They accelerate organic biodegradation, reducing the need for excessive septic tank cleaning, pumping and maintenance – keeping septic systems out of sight and out of mind. This green initiative will help increase the efficiency of wastewater treatment systems and lower the cost of treatment. Cleaned wastewater is recycled to irrigate lawns and plants further reducing environmental foot-print of our business activities.

Harnessing the power of steam and deep vacuuming: Steam and deep vacuuming if applied correctly are a very effective method for killing insects such as bed bugs and cockroaches in all the stages of development. Our Integrated Pest Management service professionals use steam injector and deep vacuuming as practice to maintain our kitchens, dining areas and guest rooms free of insects. Portable steam injectors are used to apply dry vapor steam in fine the cracks and crevices, bedframes, mattresses to kill all life stages insects; steam is also used in fine cracks and crevices in drains, kitchen counters, prep equipment, tables and dining room furniture. A deep crack and crevice vacuum is used in combination with steam injector to remove and kill insects and remove their eggs hidden in fine crack and crevices. Steam is a natural source using just clean water to create a powerful versatile cleaner. Adopting this technique has helped us reduce the use of pesticides in sensitive areas thus making our living environment healthier to enjoy quality life.

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