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Govt issues new guidelines for hospitality, malls, and religious places

Apart from thermal screening, masks, social distancing

Guidelines for Hotels and Hospitality

  • Separate entry & exits for guests, staff and good/supplies to be arranged.

  • Hotels to adopt contactless processes like QR code, online forms, digital payments for both check-in & check out.

  • Luggage will be disinfected before sending it to the room

  • For room service, communication between guest & and in-house staff to be through intercom/ mobile phone.

  • Gaming arcades/ children play areas to function in accordance with thr SOPs of the State/UT concerned.

  • Room and other service to be sanitised each time a guest leaves.

Guidelines for religious places

  • Touching of statues/ idols/ holy books etc. not allowed.

  • Recorded devotional songs may be played and singing groups should not be allowed.

  • Common prayer mats to be avoided, devotees to bring their own prayer mats.

  • No physical offering like prasad/ distribution or sprinkling of holy water, etc allowed.

  • Disinfection of the premises to be taken up if a person is found positive.

Guidelines for shopping malls

  • Number of customers inside the shop to be kept at a minimum, ensuring physical distancing is maintained.

  • Cinema halls inside shopping malls to function in accordance with the SOPs issued by the ministry of information & Broadcasting & MHA.

  • Prominently display posters/ standees/ AV media on preventive measures about Covid.

  • Any shops, stall, cafeteria etc, outside & within the press to follow social distancing norms at all times.

Guidelines for restaurants

  • Encourage takeaways instead of Dine-in. Food delivery to be done due following adequate precautions.

  • Seating arrangement amongst patrons to be made in such a way that adequate physical distancing is maintained.

  • Additional patrons to be eaten in a designated waiting area with the norms of social distancing.

  • Use of disposable menus, good quality disposable paper napkins to be encouraged

  • Contactless mode of ordering and digital mode of payment to be encouraged.

  • Kitchen staff to follow social distancing norms & kitchen area to be sanitised at regular intervals.

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