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Government support for industry

The magazine should feature interviews and details from experts in the provident fund department, service tax department and labour department so that the statutory compliances part for the FM sector is clear. This valuable information is absent in the area where contract labour is concerned. This will give a proper knowledge to both the FM companies and the clients on minimum requirements for an agreement, improving the labour issues. We often refer to the magazine and have even maintained it in the library so that all the staff can refer it frequently and update on the latest developments taking place in the cleaning industry. Many new cleaning methods, technology and products that are featured in the magazine, have been implemented by us, with excellent results. Procedures, operational methods are updated to correspond with the latest advancement in the sector. Many MNCs are entering the Indian market, but they end up taking help from local players, by sub-letting their contracts. MNCs are perfect for specialised work that they have expertise in. The FM sector is suffering due to lack of attention on finer details in efficient property management. There is a need for introduction of standards in the sector. CIJ can promote the sector by covering smaller companies that have less than 100 or 500 workers, operating in a particular place and sector. This will give MNCs an idea as to whom to contact for city specific jobs. The government should support the cleaning industry so that it achieves its potential. A credit facility should be provided to Facility Services Company to raise funds. Banks do not accept cleaning machines as collaterals that makes the job of FM companies to raise capital required for fulfilling contracts difficult. The government should ensure that statutory compliances are in place. The FM Company currently is responsible for it, irrespective of payment made by the clients. Responsibility should be shared and in the event of increase in minimum wages of any other statutory compliance, the contract should be revised to accommodate the changes.

Firdaus N Kapadia
Managing Director
FNK Services (I) Pvt Ltd


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