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Government offices go clean overnight for Modi’s visit

Modiji aane wale hain (Modiji is about to come),’ a message circulated by Urban development secretary Sudhir Krishna was enough to clean the deep paan stains and stinking toilets at Minister’s offices – Krishi Bhavan, Udyog Bhavan and Transport Bhavan overnight.

Since Modi’s swearing ceremony, social media have been abuzz with ‘clean-up drive’ trending among the top ten across the country. Clean India Journal, being the only magazine on cleaning & hygiene solutions in India is keeping a close eye on the developments.
In its 12 day governance, Modi government is driving high in sync with its plans & execution. Believing in transferring the message from top to bottom, the PM avers, “Make a beginning by cleaning up offices to improve the workplace, which would automatically improve the work culture.” In a separate tweet, “reaffirm our pledge to protect the Environment, making our planet cleaner & greener.” On finding one of the offices filled with smoke he politely showed the board of ‘No smoking’ hanging outside – enough to get the message for cleaner offices for all. All the offices were on high alert with secretaries and other top officials scanning the cleanliness and hygiene of the concerned offices with Modi’s visit.

Noticing the stinking toilets, area around water coolers, paan stains on walls, the secretaries swung into action by personally calling the janitors to remove the stains. Thereafter, painters set about to cover up the patchworks. According to the department officials, even AC frames were cleaned to impress the first visit of Modi to their offices.

Concerting Trash into cash

The Modi Government is soon going to float global tenders for recycling solid wastes generated into organic fertilizers for horticulturists to grow fruits and vegetables under his Clean India Campaign.

Companies engaged in solar, wind power and generation of power through waste-based bio-methane plants are going to be encouraged in a big way. This will promote the business of India’s wind turbine manufacturers and all those companies associated with waste to power generation business.

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