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Tuesday , 31 March 2020
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Go Green Factors

6. Fuel for Boiler:

laundrySolid, Liquid or Gas: Solid: Briquettes – renewable energy

Liquid: HSD Gaseous: CNG – To have least pollution in air.

To have scrubber for blue gases.

7. Staff:

a. Well trained and focussed, including delivery/collection/logistics.
b. To be provided with uniforms.
c. Ergonomics.
d. Counsellor is required.
e. First-aid and if possible doctor or paramedic on call – for burns/ cuts/falls etc.

8. Fire Fighting:

Equipment and trained staff to operate

9. Lighting:


10. Ventilation:

Proper to have comfortable environment.

11. Toilet and Bathing:

Bathing – especially for health care laundry.

12. Change Room and Resting, Dining

13. Transportation and Parking:

a. The vehicles need to be rustproof and for stacking linens and garments, either on hanger or folded.
b. Parking and loading-unloading space for vehicles at outlets/work place/ hotels/hospitals.

14. Machinery:– as support functions and other accessories

a. Boilers
b. Compressors
c. Water softeners
d. Tanks – underground, overhead and pumps & lines(for water)
e. Chillers for dry-cleaning machines
f. Voltage stabilisers
g. Stability of electronic parts through designs or cooling

15. Computers:
All computers at outlets/workplace/ hotels, etc. connected through LAN.

CCTV – at all workplaces or stations.

16. Extra Treatment for Linen/ Garments:

a. For stains/soil removal
b. Mending – sewing
c. Alterations of minor nature

17. PPE and Breathing Masks/ Apparatus:
a. Personal protective equipment to handle chemicals, pre-treatment of garments.
b. Masks – while working in places with chemical vapours
c. Cleaning gadgets for boilerfurnace, dry-cleaning machine, mopping floors and cleaning machines.

18. Scrubber for Boiler – Flue Gases and Lint from Driers

19. Cyclone Separator for Removal of Entrained Water or Condensate from Steam

Hopping at double digit pace, laundry practices in India can no more be surreptitious with no accountability of water and energy consumption. According to an MIT survey, 25% of the global laundry players have accepted that the adoption of sustainable practices has added to their profitability citing “Improved innovation in products & services.” This is widely seen as a ‘Pro-environmental behaviour model’ which includes the combination of knowledge and pro-environmentalism with sustainable laundry practices. The model advocates the latest eco-efficient laundry operations to ‘Go Green’. For Indian laundry operators, the buzz remains around the base model – the Hines Model…

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