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6. Fuel for Boiler:

laundrySolid, Liquid or Gas: Solid: Briquettes – renewable energy

Liquid: HSD Gaseous: CNG – To have least pollution in air.

To have scrubber for blue gases.

7. Staff:

a. Well trained and focussed, including delivery/collection/logistics.
b. To be provided with uniforms.
c. Ergonomics.
d. Counsellor is required.
e. First-aid and if possible doctor or paramedic on call – for burns/ cuts/falls etc.

8. Fire Fighting:

Equipment and trained staff to operate

9. Lighting:


10. Ventilation:

Proper to have comfortable environment.

11. Toilet and Bathing:

Bathing – especially for health care laundry.

12. Change Room and Resting, Dining

13. Transportation and Parking:

a. The vehicles need to be rustproof and for stacking linens and garments, either on hanger or folded.
b. Parking and loading-unloading space for vehicles at outlets/work place/ hotels/hospitals.

14. Machinery:– as support functions and other accessories

a. Boilers
b. Compressors
c. Water softeners
d. Tanks – underground, overhead and pumps & lines(for water)
e. Chillers for dry-cleaning machines
f. Voltage stabilisers
g. Stability of electronic parts through designs or cooling

15. Computers:
All computers at outlets/workplace/ hotels, etc. connected through LAN.

CCTV – at all workplaces or stations.

16. Extra Treatment for Linen/ Garments:

a. For stains/soil removal
b. Mending – sewing
c. Alterations of minor nature

17. PPE and Breathing Masks/ Apparatus:
a. Personal protective equipment to handle chemicals, pre-treatment of garments.
b. Masks – while working in places with chemical vapours
c. Cleaning gadgets for boilerfurnace, dry-cleaning machine, mopping floors and cleaning machines.

18. Scrubber for Boiler – Flue Gases and Lint from Driers

19. Cyclone Separator for Removal of Entrained Water or Condensate from Steam

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