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GLORIA ProControl 100

Pest Cleaning Solution

GLORIA ProControl 100

Merstegien Mktg Pvt Ltd offers a high-performance sprayer, made of rust-proof stainless steel and is the ideal helper to prevent and control epidemics and tropical diseases like malaria, Ebola or yellow fever. It effectively fights disease carriers like insects and mosquitoes by, among other things, indoor residual spraying. High-quality materials ensure effective spraying of pesticides in large areas. It is equipped with a high-performance and robust precision pump made of brass and NBR seals which have a high chemical, temperature and ageing resistance.

CleanMaster CM FOOD F 12

It is an expert for application in companies that work with food every day and is the ideal helper for disinfecting and cleaning production plants, canteen kitchens and cafeterias. The pressure sprayer is safe to use for the application of foods like greases, oils and food-processing industry. The pressure sprayer with a filling capacity of 1.25 litres has been tested and approved for the use in food processing companies by the Eurofins Food Testing GmbH.


The hand and pressure sprayers range come with high-quality seals made of EPDM. They are ideal for the application of acidic and alkaline spraying agents and are very versatile. EX 100 is an expert when it comes to spraying solvent-containing agents and is resistant to petrol, benzol, oil, alcohol and agents which contain organic solvents. The hand sprayers EX 05 and EX 10 are ideal for agents with a degreasing effect. PF 12 and PF 50 are ideal for applying disinfectants, cleaning agents and construction chemicals.


The GLORIA FoamMaster pressure sprayers have a filling capacity of one or five litres and a maximum operating pressure of three bars. They are perfect for cleaning sanitary facilities, swimming pools, canteen kitchens, workshops, vehicles or machines. The effectiveness of the sprayers can be adjusted quickly and simply due to the included set of foam cartridges.


The machine is powered by an electric motor and can be plugged into any 230 Volt outlet with speed regulator. It comes with powerful 18 V/4Ah Lion battery power with an innovative dual function. A guiding wheel and sight line on the splash guard help the user to align the device exactly along joints. The Multibrush can be used both for cleaning surfaces and for cleaning joints. The device consists of a motor unit 1,100 -1,600 rpm on which nylon roller brushes for cleaning wood and stone surfaces and a wire brush for cleaning joints can be easily and conveniently attached. The handle is height-adjustable and thus can be adjusted to the user’s body height.

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